Dong Zhuo turned to Li Su and asked what these things portended. “It means that you are going to receive the abdication of the Hans, which is to renew all things: To mount the jeweled chariot and sit in the golden saddle.” And Dong Zhuo was pleased and convinced with this answer. During the second […]

“His Majesty has recovered and wishes his ministers to meet him in the Palace to consider the question of his abdication in your favor. That is what this summons means.” “What does Wang Yun think of the scheme?”   “Wang Yun has already begun the construction of the Terrace of Abdication and only awaits my lord’s […]

“This is the doing of that Li Ru,” said she. “He is much too thick with Lu Bu. He suggested that, I know. Little he cares for the Imperial Rector’s reputation or my life. Oh! I could eat him alive.” “Do you think I could bear to lose you?” said Dong Zhuo. “Though you love […]